Back in the 1920's in Red River County, Texas, on a 68 acre farm, ¶Grandfather Richardson¶ noticed that every time he used a certain smell on his small game traps, deer would come out and start milling and smelling around.

Later, in the 1960's and 1970's, Billy Roy would deer hunt and talk long hours with his uncle, Jake Richardson. Jake was a retired oil man from the Kilgore, Texas ¶oil rush.¶ Also a very successful catfish fisherman, Jake Richardson loved to squirrel and deer hunt. Jake was hard of hearing and always hunted with his little white chihuahua dog or one of the chihuahua's sons. It seemed like Jake could find deer anytime or anywhere that he wanted to whether he was on National Forest land or on his 68 acre farm.

Jake shared family secrets with Billy Roy about what his father before him had used to attract various types of fish and animals. Years later, in 1992, Billy Roy acquired a hog infested deer lease in Kaufman County, Texas. He found himself needing something that would get the attention of the deer before the hogs found it.

This is what led Billy Roy to begin years of extensive research and development on the best way to attract deer. Based on the secrets that his uncle Jake shared with him, Billy Roy had finally perfected HaveMoreDeer. In 2004, Billy Roy Richardson began the HaveMoreDeer movement and has been selling his all natural attractant to stores across the southern United States every since.

Today, HaveMoreDeer is a licensed wildlife product that is sold in over 130 feed and sporting goods stores, in 9 states and Canada. HaveMoreDeer currently has one distributor in Florida, and another in Canada. Additional stores and dealers are being added almost weekly, and HaveMoreDeer is always happy to work with new dealers and distributors.