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"Billy, I live on a water view lot on Lake Travis. I didn't have deer over here because they feed them with feeders over by the waterfront homes (about 300 yards away and over a ridge that our road is on.) I ran into you up in Dallas and you gave me a couple of samples. So this morning I went out side to smoke a cigarette and as I watched my smoke drift towards the lake I remembered the samples and you saying that the wind blows your attractant around, so I put some corn and your attractant out about 40 yards from our home and went inside. I told Lindsey, 'Hey I put some of Billy Roy's deer attractant on some corn outside,' but before I could finish, she screams look at the 5 deer in our yard! While I was at the store, more deer showed up and Lindsey called me all excited."
--S.W. Lago Vista, TX

"I love waking up in the mornings to see deer out in our field from my kitchen window. They're amazing to watch as I have my coffee. Thank you Billy Roy. HaveMoreDeer has made my mornings even better!"
-- D.J. Fulton, NY

"Any time of year that I use HaveMoreDeer, the deer seem to have a deer in heat reaction to it!"
--C.P. Kemp, TX

Free Range East Texas  White Tail Deer Free Range East Texas White Tail Deer. The Twins

"Finally a deer attractant that really works. The deer tracks told us that we had their attention. Now honestly the deer did not gobble up the corn immediately, they passed it up several times before zeroing in on the corn. They were looking for the smell. They knew what corn smelled like they just couldn't put the two together at first. I have tried more than one feeder on a single property and found the deer wouldn't even go to the ones without the HaveMoreDeer attractant added to them. Just wait till you see how territorial and aggressive they get around your feeder!!!"
-- W.W. Macon, GA

"I tried HaveMoreDeer to attract deer to my property. Within 2 days I was noticing more deer poking out of the woods. After a week, I was seeing them every morning. This stuff is great!"
-- J.S. Conroe, TX

"Billy Roy, hey this evening I went to the corner of my property and poured out about a half of a bottle of HaveMoreDeer onto the ground. Then I selected a tree to hang my climbing stand on. I had just climbed the tree, sat down and pulled my bow up to me when I noticed 3 bucks coming strait at me from downwind. It hadn't been 20 to 25 minutes since I had put the HaveMoreDeer out. The smaller 2 bucks went straight to the pile of attractant. The biggest buck, circled about 40 yards. out and stayed in the thick stuff until he had circled 3/4 the way around me. Then he came in with his antlers lowered. The 2 other bucks took off and ran about 30 yards. away. As he quartered towards the attractant he gave me a little shooting lane and I carefully placed my shot."
--J.L. Kemp, TX

"Hey B.R, I took Shana my wife deer hunting with me this evening. We put out some HaveMoreDeer, then we both climbed trees next to each other. I was above her with my bow and she had our video camera. Right before dark a big buck came across the creek to my right. Shana saw it first, got my attention and started filming. I shot it at about 30 yards."
--J.L. Kemp TX

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"HaveMoreDeer lured deer from my neighbor's property to mine in only 2 days from across 20 acres. It's been 2 months, and they are still around. Awesome product guys. Thanks a million."
-- F.E. Taylorsville, NC

"My house is near a national park and I have had so many issues with deer eating all my vegetation. I have tried everything and then I found HaveMoreDeer. I put your attractant out on the property next to mine and the deer leave me alone! I actually have flowers again. Thanks. I never thought I could have flowers in my yard!"
-- G.H. Witt Springs, AR

"I returned to the place in the forest where I had poured 100 lbs of corn with the attractant (HaveMoreDeer) added, into a hole in a creek bottom. After twelve days, it looked like you had turned deer loose on the hole. There were tracks everywhere, and five different trees were rubbed by one, or more, bucks within ten yards of the hole."
-- B.K. Rapid City, SD

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"I never dreamed that it was possible to see an occasional 2 or 3 deer in my yard. I've tried all of the other attractants, but in 2009, I tried HaveMoreDeer. Wow! What a phenomenal product! The deer now funnel through our yard. Here's a pic of a nice buck right outside our window. Thank you Billy Roy!"
--J.K. Kemp, TX (2009)

"I have never seen anything do what your product does in 20 years of hunting and I don't know what is in it, but keep up the great work!"
-- J.B. Hastings, MI

"My dads been hunting with me since I was a kid and for the first time in my life I got to show him something that he didn't know about. This stuff made my day. Thanks!"
-- L.T. Redmond, OR

"I bought this stuff out of curiosity never thinking it would really work. When we all got out to the blind, suddenly there were more deer than I had ever seen coming around. I was sold! I just bought 3 more and I'm telling No-One. Its my secret!"
-- D.H. Lufkin, TX

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"My kids love to see the deer in our back yard and I never could seem to get them to come around when the kids were at home now its like a deer wildlife park and my kids love me!"
-- S.J. Stonewall, LA

"I can't thank you guys (Billy Roy) enough. My home sits near the lake and I am always taking photos out on the deck. Well, ever since I bought your HaveMoreDeer my pictures have life in them, and its been great! Thanks for what ever it is you guys put in this. It works, and well. I just posted this picture (enclosed) to my friends!"
-- M.D. Osage Beach, MO

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