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Dropshipping is also available.

Billy Roy's HaveMoreDeer (an old family recipe for attracting deer) is licensed by The Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service. HaveMoreDeer is sold online, is in over 140 feed and sporting goods stores in 9 states and is being distributed in Canada.

In some stores, HaveMoreDeer outsells the national brands over 20 to 1. This is because the dealer hears their customers' feedback, knows how well it works and relays the stories to other customers.

HaveMoreDeer attracts deer year round. To the deer, it smells and tastes great. Each 3.6 ounce bottle mixes with up to 200 lbs. of feed or can be used by itself. HaveMoreDeer is very sticky and coats everything it touches with a sweet smell and taste. HaveMoreDeer will not rinse off or sift through a feeder without leaving attractant behind.

Please take a look at our product and read over the dealer comments. Then call a few dealers and ask some questions. Especially ask about the stories their customers are coming back with. If the store is not selling a case or more of HaveMoreDeer each year, then they are just putting it on a shelf and are not promoting it properly in order to get the repeat sales started. With a little bit of sales effort, HaveMoreDeer deer attractant quickly becomes the talk of the store.

Each bottle of HaveMoreDeer is packed with a minimum of 3.6 ounces (net weight) of deer attractant.
Bottles are securely fasted by screw top lid and include an optional sifter.
Bottle labeling includes a upc bar code, directions for use, and customer service information.

Texas resellers and distributors must have a Texas Sales Tax Use Resale Certificate on file with us.
When you place your first order, please mail or email it to us immediately.

For dealers and distributors that would like to print their own HaveMoreDeer brochures, you may download the .pdf files from here.
Just right click over the link, and select "save link / target as."

HaveMoreDeer Brochure Outer Side
HaveMoreDeer Brochure Outside Cover
HaveMoreDeer Brochure Inner Side
HaveMoreDeer Brochure Inside Cover

Dealers and distributors are authorized to use any of the images from our website, or you may create your own.
We will be adding some banners and additional bottle images soon.

HaveMoreDeer 8 foot wide by 2 foot high promotional banner.
HaveMoreDeer 8ft x 2ft banner

HaveMoreDeer Transparent Logo 453x192

HMD Transparent 442x68/

These logos are transparent and should work for most applications. If you need help making it a smaller size, contact us with the width that you need and we can re-size it for you.

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