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"Billy Roy, your stuff has been selling like hot cakes! Send me another case."

"Billy, I sold a lot of HaveMoreDeer back in October so I need more. P.S. Come by and see a picture of the big buck I took November 5th opening week. He was smelling of a bean bag I had put HaveMoreDeer inside of back in early October."
--Robert Adams, Country Corner Palestine, Texas (2009)

"We believe your attractant works because we got a bottle from Country Corner and tried it, plus we heard all the stories from that area of the county about deer coming to your attractant. So we here at Iron Gate Feed would like to sell it."

"Well we sold your attractant last year and HaveMoreDeer outsold C****' Deer 10 to 1."

"Billy Roy, we need another case. Your attractant is out selling our other attractants 17 to 1."

"Billy Roy your attractant has now outsold the national brands over 20 to 1." (2007) (2008) (2009)
--Joe Bryant, Iron Gate Feed, Palestine, Texas

"I've lived in the Wise community for over 40 years. I have seen a few deer in the creek bottoms here in the Kaufman and Van Zandt Counties area, but I can't remember seeing any on the old home place or on my 10 acres. To give you an idea about the area around my place, the county road comes from the north and goes west. At the northwest corner of my property, there is a home across the county road to my northwest. There is a small creek from his property going northwest to a larger creek that flows northeast and southwest. About 1/4 of a mile due north of my property is a cattle field and two homes. To the east is a dairy & it's very open for a while. To the south is medium thicket for about 1/8 of a mile and then it's open land. To the west is my fence line, a goat wire, a big pond and then another home. In 2002, Billy Roy came to my property and put corn and his deer attractant on the north fence line. Every 4 or 5 days he would be out there adding more corn and attractant. Whenever the wind would blow from the north or west, he'd be out there putting out corn and his attractant on the south or east fence line. Within a few months, I was seeing an occasional deer here within the 4 acres around my house. After that, and up to now in 2010, I have little Bambi deer and larger deer in my yard, around my storage shed and barn and they sleep in the 6 acres of thicket around my home site. Anytime of the year that I put out corn and HaveMoreDeer, they come and eat it up. I spend every morning on my patio with my coffee and my deer diary."
Betty's Photos
--Betty Gunderson Trednick, Diva of Collectible & Rare Finds, Mabank, TX

"A few deer were already coming to my feeder behind my shop, I just wanted to see what they would do when I put HaveMoreDeer out, so I poured the whole bottle out by my feeder in front of my camera. All evening long, the deer came to the attractant. Some new deer too. They ate all of the attractant and then some deer came and sniffed the spot. All the time, corn was under the feeder! Here's the photos! You can put them on your website. I'm gonna use the pictures to help sell attractant here. Thanks!"
--Curtis Cash, Feeder's Etc., Lovelady, Texas (2008)

"Billy Roy, a guy bought a bottle of HaveMoreDeer and came back and said he went from 2 to 3 pictures of deer, to 50 something, so I've been telling everybody about HaveMoreDeer and its selling."
--Mabank Feed, Mabank, Texas (2008)

"This fella' was hunting the Red River bottom, north of New Boston. He had a small deer lease surrounded by 3 other deer leases. He has the Red River behind him. From his stand, he could see his feeder and 3 feeders on the other deer leases. At feeding time, he could see through his binoculars that deer were at the other feeders, but not at his. You had just came by and sold us some deer attractant and gave us some samples. I showed him the bottles and the samples. He took a sample pack and poured it on top of the corn that was gathering under his feeder. The next day, everything was cleaned up! So he came in and bought a bottle. Now he says that through his binoculars he can watch the deer come out on the hill, and watch them walk right under the other feeders on their way to his feeder."
--Ernest Shelton, Jr., Shelton Feed Supply, New Boston, Texas (2008)

"Man, I sold a bottle to a guy on a deer lease that had 8 hunters on the lease. He put some (HaveMoreDeer) under, and inside, his feeder and the deer tore it up! So all of the other guys came in and bought every bottle I had. They said deer were walking right by their feeders, going to the first guy's feeder. I need more attractant."

"Billy, I sold a case of 24 bottles to a guy out of Dallas! He's gonna' start his deer lease early, so I need another case!"
--Mark Graham, M&J Feed, Kemp, Texas (2009)

"I was a little skeptical when I first met you. You said things about your deer attractant that were hard to believe. Not only did I give some of the samples you gave us out to hunters, I put one under my feeder and what happened next convinced me that I could sell lots of this attractant in my store."
--Billy Tolar, Tolar's Feed and Outdoor Supply, Woodville, Texas (2008)

"Billy, hunters bought up all the bottles you left here on consignment, so if you will bring a case by here, I'll buy it. The hunters out of Houston bought up that case over Thanksgiving weekend. I'm out of deer attractant!"
--Mr. Jamie Magee, MaGee's Grocery & Feed, Groveton, Texas (2005)

"Billy, we put a feeder out behind our store that I keep corn and your deer attractant in. Every time someone wants to know if your deer attractant really works I tell them to go and take a look out the back door and see for themselves. Usually they look and can't see any deer because the wild brush is about 3 foot tall all around the feeder. So I tell them whistle or clap your hands together, when they do the deer stand up, usually rite under the feeder. So you can see why we sell so much."
--Ms. Janie Magee, MaGee's Grocery & Feed Groveton, Texas (2007)

"Hey Billy, bring me a case of HaveMoreDeer and look at the picture, and at the set of antlers of the deer I killed the other day. I have them on display here in the store. You know I hunted with Jamie for decades and its the biggest buck I ever killed. It was near the feeder out behind our store between here and the house. You need to also see the picture of 9 bucks at our feeder at one time."
--Ms. Janie Magee, MaGee's Grocery & Feed, Groveton, Texas (2008)

"Hey I remember this smell. I hope your the man that came by my brothers place last year or the year before. He has a BBQ cafe that sold deer stands, and feeders just west of Pittsburg Texas. He gave me a sample of your deer attractant in a little bag. You are that man aren't you? That stuff really works. I tried it and I want a case to sell here in our store."
--Victor Hill, Hill's Feed and Fertilizer, Gilmer, Texas (2008)

"Billy, we gave out the bottles and we want some bottles to sell."
--Gabby Thomas, Morris County Feed, Naples, Texas

"Hey Billy, I put together a hunting section in our store. I have bottles of HaveMoreDeer stacked on top of sacks of deer feed and sacks of corn. Your attractant has been selling for $19.95 a bottle and your web site has been sending me customers looking for HaveMoreDeer. Thanks."
--Jeramie Hutchinson, Aggie Feed Store, Dallas, Texas (2009)

"Billy Roy, I gave several bottles to a few guys on big deer leases and I used your deer attractant my self. I have to know if something works or can't sell it to my customers. Wow it works just like you said. And I sell it right here on the front counter. Actually, my stock of deer attractant is running a little low and I can sell a lot of HaveMoreDeer, so bring me some more."
--Steve Carlton, C&C Deli and Feed, Kennard / Nogales Prarie, Texas

"After giving out your samples a few days ago, I've had several guys come in looking to buy a bottle of your attractant. So can you send me a case?"
--Kieth Evans, K S Farm and Ranch--Brenham, Texas

"Billy Roy, send us a case of that attractant. I handed out those samples and I got a lot of good feedback. Thanks."
--Harlen Schrader, Schrader's Western Wear, Sealy, Texas

"Hey, I gave away all of the samples and I've had some request for more of it. Can you send me a box of deer attractant before deer season?"
--Bee Agricultural, Beeville, Texas

"Billy, everyone I gave a sample to wants a bottle of attractant. Your attractant seems to work pretty good!"
--Don McBride, Balzer Feed Mill, Schulenberg, Texas

"I'm glad you came back by here because we lost your phone number. Everyone has been asking when we were going to have your deer attractant in."
--Katie Christopher, Boyce Feed and Grain, Waxahachie, Texas

"Billy, this is Hollie at Granger feed. Your gonna have to send me a case of HaveMoreDeer. Everyone loved the reaction they had when they used the samples you gave us. Thank you."
--Hollie, Granger Feed, Granger, Texas

"People said they had a lot more deer on their cameras since they used the samples you left here. Please send me a case."
--Bob Taylor, Little Axe Farm and Ranch, Norman, Oklahoma.

"The hunters I gave your samples to said that your attractant really works. Please send us a case."
--Jones Feed, Madill, Oklahoma

"All I did was let a few hunters see and smell your samples, and I've decided to order a case of deer attractant."
--Red River Ranch Supply, Vernon, Texas

"Billy Roy, can you send us another case of HaveMoreDeer? There are still 2 months left in deer season and we are out of deer attractant."
--Wayne Smith, JS Bar Feedmill & Supply Inc, Plainview, Arkansas

"I got a bottle of your deer attractant from J S Bar Feed Mill. What an amazing product! It brought a lot of deer to my feeder! I own a black powder hunting store and I know that I can sell a lot of this. Please seen me a case."
-- Cathy, Emerson's Country Store, Rover, Arkansas

"Some of the guys I showed the samples to said they would buy a bottle right now."
-- Tom Wartick, Wartick Feed and Seed, Wilburton, Oklahoma

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