Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How come you do not make a larger size of your bottled attractant?
A: Our 3.6 ounce bottle has been large enough for a majority of our customers. A single bottle of HaveMoreDeer will mix with up to 200 pounds of your favorite feed. The compact bottle will also fit easily in your pocket or carry sack. On occassion we do receive (and fulfill) requests for large custom orders specifically for huge game ranches, nature researves, and deer leases. Billy Roy will personally help you figure out how much HaveMoreDeer you will need for your specific property, applications and needs. Contact us for a custom order request, and we'll take care of you.

Q: How does HaveMoreDeer out attract all of the other attractants?
A: Because deer cannot resist the sweet smell and taste of our natural attractant.

Q: Will the deer share your attractant, or will they become aggressive and protective of it?
A: When deer initially begin going to the HaveMoreDeer deer attractant, others will follow. Some bucks have become aggressive towards other bucks, but that behavior is short lived because the dominant buck is more preoccupied with the HaveMoreDeer scent and taste.

Q: What if I do not use the whole bottle and I have some deer attractant left over?
A: Store HaveMoreDeer in a cool, dry place if you plan to store it for a long length time. Why stop using it though? You have their attention now! Keep feeding the deer and use HaveMoreDeer every four to five days and the deer will move their bedding area right on top of your food plot!

Q: What kind of deer scent is HaveMoreDeer?
A: HaveMoreDeer is not a deer product made from deer. HaveMoreDeer is an all natural mix of edible ingriedents that drive deer bananas! Some ingredients are for smell and others are for taste. The combination of all of the ingredients are irrisistable to deer. No deer can smell HaveMoreDeer and not be attracted to it!

Q: Your attractant claims that it will lure deer from other properties. Can you tell me how to do that?
A: It is very simple. You need to use the direction of the wind to your advantage. So when the wind blows towards your neighbor's creek bottom, thicket or food plot, just pour out a mixture of feed and HaveMoreDeer along that fence row. You need the wind to blow across the deer attractant. The wind will carry the HaveMoreDeer scent from your property, to the neighboring property. When the deer smell the deer attractant, they will be lured to the source. Once they taste the HaveMoreDeer deer attractant, they will want more. Re-apply HaveMoreDeer deer attractant every 4 to 5 days and feed them as often as necessary. You can now lure the deer deeper into your property. By properly using HaveMoreDeer, you can encourage deer to move their bedding areas exactly where you want them, on your own property.

Q: Does HaveMoreDeer attract hogs?
A: Hogs are attracted to almost anything, but HaveMoreDeer was researched and perfected in hog infested areas. 95% of the time, HaveMoreDeer will attract deer before the hogs are able to find the HaveMoreDeer enhanced feed. Once the deer are established where you would like them, hogs will not be a problem.

Q: Does HaveMoreDeer attract Bears?
A: It is most likely that HaveMoreDeer will lure in the deer first. However, in the wild when you feed anything for an extender period of time, most other animals in the forest will start visiting that particular area because of the food and other critters that have already wandered in. Bears also have an excellent sense of smell and are attracted to many scents. If you have bears in your area, it should be expected that a bear will eventually find your deer's feed.

Q: Should I put the whole bottle of your deer bait into my 200 pound feeder?
A: Yes, you can. First you need to mix the feed and the HaveMoreDeer deer attractant together. Then fill the feeder with the mixture. Every time the feeder goes off, a mixture of feed and attractant come out. The best way to use HaveMoreDeer with your feeder is to fill the feeder with feed and then run a few cycles of feed on to the ground. You can also just pour some feed out under the feeder. Then pour some HaveMoreDeer on top of the feed. Re-apply more feed and HaveMoreDeer under the feeder every 3 to 4 days. As the deer numbers increase, you may want to increase the quantity of feed.

Q: What can I do to lure deer with only 1 bottle of HaveMoreDeer? I will be hunting the whole weekend.
A: 1 bottle will do fine for a weekend hunt. You can pour some HaveMoreDeer out on the ground, sprinkle it on leaves, logs, on the tree bark or on a rock. As long as the wind is blowing towards the deer, so that the deer can smell it, HaveMoreDeer will effectivly attract deer to the source of the scent. You can also mix HaveMoreDeer with feed, then either pour it into a pile, pour it into a hole in the ground (Billy Roy's favorite) or scatter the enahced feed along a deer trail. Happy hunting and be safe!

Q: Will this deer attractant sift through a feeder and fall out on the ground like everybody else's deer attractants do?
A: Our powdered HaveMoreDeer mixture and will sift, as all powders do, BUT there is one thing HaveMoreDeer does that the others do not do. HaveMoreDeer clings to everything it touches and leaves a very strong, sticky, sweet smell behind on everything that it came in contact with. As you will notice, when you get some HaveMoreDeer on your hands, you have to wash your hands with water and soap to get rid of the great smelling spicy aroma stuck to you.

Q: Will the rain wash away the HaveMoreDeer that I mixed with corn and put out on a fence line yesterday?
A: If the attractant is close to the base of a tree, it may not all wash away. Out in the open, the powder will deslove in the rain, but the sweet smell and taste will still be there attracting deer. The aroma will eventually disappate over time. That is when it's time to to visit your local store and buy more HaveMoreDeer. Continued use will relocate the deer to where you want them.

Q: What is the advantage of feeding deer all year round?
A: Mainly to keep the deer in the area all year round and not having the chore of re-attracting the deer next year. If you can see your year round food plot from a safe distance, you will be able to see spotted fawns in the spring, velveted bucks in the summer and grown deer in the fall and the winter.

Q: Can I use your bottled deer attracting bait as a cover scent on my clothing?
A: It is NOT recommended to use HaveMoreDeer as a cover scent. The deer will come directly towards you looking for the scent, they will end up looking right at you, and you will not be able to move without scaring the deer. The best way to use HaveMoreDeer is to add our deer attractant to some feed, or just put it on the ground all by itself, and the smell of HaveMoreDeer blowing down wind towards the deer will work much better than any cover scent.