Year round usage allows you to see pregnant does, new fawns, bucks with velveted antlers, half grown yearlings, and breeding bucks. Your feed is an excellent food source, especially during the winter months when deer need it most.

HaveMoreDeer can be used as a "stand alone" attractant, or each 3.6 ounce bottle can be mixed with up to 200lbs of feed. Corn, specialty deer feed, and soy beans are all excellent feed choices.

Using HaveMoreDeer by itself works great to temporarily attract deer to a particular location. The deer quickly respond to the scent, and follow it back to the source. Deer have up to 297 million olfactory receptors in the nose, plus a vomeronasal organ which also detects scents / odors inside of their mouth. As a comparison, dogs have up to 220 million olfactory receptors in the nose, plus a vomeronasal organ. Humans only have up to 5 million olfactory receptors in the nose, and no vomeronasal organ. Overtime, when the HaveMoreDeer scent has dissipated, the deer may not continue visiting the area without a feed source.

When you use HaveMoreDeer in addition to feed, you are doing two things. 1. Attracting deer to the area with the scent. 2. Providing a food source for the deer. By continuing to do so, the deer are then encouraged to move their bedding area closer to the food source!

Many deer species have similar feeding and bedding habits. With HaveMoreDeer and quality feed, you can effortlessly maintain and control your deer population all year.

Application Locations & Methods

Select an area along a fence row where the wind blows towards a thicket, a creek bottom, or a food plot. Then pour feed along the fence row and add your HaveMoreDeer attractant. Re-apply attractant every four to five days until the deer are eating your feed. Then you can move the feed and HaveMoreDeer towards your desired location.

A. Look for an abandoned animal hole in your favorite creek bottom, or along a fence row. Fill the hole with feed and top off with a generous amount of HaveMoreDeer. The deer will have to paw the feed out of the hole with their hooves. Continue adding corn and HaveMoreDeer to attract deer to that area all year.

B. With a post hole digger, dig a 45 degree hole approximately 2ft deep in the ground anywhere you choose. Fill the hole with feed and top off the feed with HaveMoreDeer attractant. The deer will expand this hole greatly to get to the HaveMoreDeer enhanced feed. When the corn is gone repeat the process, using the same hole.

Pour HaveMoreDeer enhanced feed along a deer lane or fence row. Keep adding the enhanced feed until you have the deer's attention. Once you have their attention, move the pile up to 300 yards at a time until you have the deer where you want them.

FEEDERS: Locate your feeder where the wind will blow the smell of HaveMoreDeer attractant towards deer. Then put feed and HaveMoreDeer attractant into your feeder. Spread some feed and HaveMoreDeer attractant under the feeder so that the wind can blow the sweet aroma around. Re-apply attractant under the feeder every four to five days to keep the feeder hot.

Use the "Locate & Move" method along all border fence rows. Once you have the deer where you would like them, set up your feeders. The deer will continue to return to the feeders stocked with HaveMoreDeer enhanced feed.

The easiest method of all! Just pour a pile of feed on the ground, dump HaveMoreDeer attractant on the corn pile, and wait for the deer to show up. Re-apply attractant every four to five days to keep the deer coming to the pile.

SCATTERING: Scatter feed anywhere and top it off with HaveMoreDeer attractant. Reapply attractant every four to five days to keep the deer in the area. Keep adding HaveMoreDeer and the deer will move their beds as close as possible to the area.