Dealer Sample Pack Instructions

1. Please use the samples within four weeks.

2. Be very selective with who gets samples:

  • Someone that has a feeder going, but no deer are coming to it. They would put the HaveMoreDeer attractant sample under the feeder, on top of some feed, so the wind can blow the attractant towards the deer.
  • Someone on a deer lease with other deer feeders going. The other deer feeders will lose their deer to the HaveMoreDeer enhanced feeder.
  • A wildlife camera owner. (please send us pictures, if possible)
  • A person that has deer on their property and they want to bring the deer out were they can see them.
  • A person that has deer in the neighborhood and wants them on their property.
  • People that are regular customers that will use the sample immediately and come back to you with a report. The reports that your customers come back to you with, are the stories that help you sell HaveMoreDeer.

3. When you talk to a customer about HaveMoreDeer, this is a great sales aid:
  • Hand the customer a single or double bagged sample that is sealed in one or two freezer bags. Have them smell of the bags.
  • Take the bags from the customer and tell them to smell their hands.
  • Have the customer wipe their hands off with a cloth or a paper towel.
  • Have the customer smell their hands again.
  • Get the customer to wash their hands under water (only water,) and then wipe off their hands with a cloth or towel.
  • Have them smell hands again.

What you are proving to the customer is how great of a deer attractant HaveMoreDeer is. The smell is so strong that it leaches through two or three bags, at least one being a freezer bag. It sticks to everything it touches, and even after wiping, washing and wiping its hard to get rid of the smell.

A dealer sample pack is available to new, or potential, dealers that believe they can sell a great deer attractant and would like to try it before they buy it. HaveMoreDeer makes a great product for selling in feed stores, hunting stores or stores that sell hunting licenses. If you are a dealer, and you know that you can sell a great deer attractant, contact us.

Individual Sample Pack Instructions

When available, individuals interested in trying HaveMoreDeer before buying, can receive a free sample.

To receive a free sample:
1. Send a self addressed stamped envelope to HaveMoreDeer, PO Box 602, Kemp, Texas 75143
2. Smell of the attractant through all of the bags it comes in.
3. Smell of your hands.
4. Wipe your hands off with a cloth or a towel.
5. Smell your hands again.
6. Wash your hands under water (no soap) and dry hands.
7. Smell your hands again. Pretty strong attractant isn't it? That shows how sticky and strong HaveMoreDeer is!
8. Use the sample within 30 days.
9. Mix with up to 50 lbs. of feed and sprinkle some under your feeder, or use one of the other methods on our website.
10. Use a wildlife camera or watch for deer. Look for new poop, look for new tracks, watch for new trails and watch for new beds in surrounding thick areas.
11. Tell every deer lover you meet about HaveMoreDeer deer attractant.